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New product
Flat rate for Swiss Map Mobile
Since the 25th of April 2014, Swiss Map Mobile is available as an annual subscription, which contains the entire Switzerland and even more maps at an affordable price. The subscription allows also a platform change between iOS and Android devices. Already purchased map sectors and packs of map tile remain valid and can still be used.
Swiss Map Mobile
New product
Hiking maps 1:33 333

Tear and waterproof!

Six new maps for the hiking season: Pilatus-Rigi, Hoch-Ybrig, Klausenpass, Andermatt, Chasseral-Vue des Alpes, Lac de Joux.

Hiking maps 1:33 333
New product
New national maps
The new era of national topography
Reliable, easy to read and intellligent.
The national map at scale 1: 25,000 is updated using a new technique and new graphics.
The change takes place in the coming years and is the basis for new print and digital products.
Everything about the new National Maps
The first new national maps

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