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INFORMATION: new swisstopo online shop
The toposhop will be replaced. You can already get to know the new swisstopo online shop in a fully functional beta version: https://beta.shop.swisstopo.ch

At present all products are not yet available, but are being added continually.

Items can only be delivered within Switzerland until the official online release. We hope you will make use of this option, and would be pleased to receive your feedback at: shop@swisstopo.ch
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4 new hiking maps

The most detailed hiking map there is. Official Map of Swiss Hiking Federation.

215T Baden - 255T Sustenpass - 256T Disentis/Mustér - 257T Safiental

Hiking maps 1:50000

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New road map of Switzerland

Get out into the countryside with the most detailed and easy to read road map of Switzerland. With our Road Map 1:200,000 you arrive safely and without detours to your desired destination.

Road map of Switzerland 1:200'000

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