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Geological Atlas - 127 Muotathal

The Atlas sheet no. 127 Muotathal includes a current inventory of the geological conditions in the eastern region of Lake Lucerne, more specifically Lake Uri. With the Hölloch system and its more than 200 km of measured galleries, the Atlas sheet area possesses the largest karstic cave system in western Europe.
Geological Atlas of Switzerland
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Hiking maps 1:33 333

Tear and waterproof!

Six new maps for the hiking season: Pilatus-Rigi, Hoch-Ybrig, Klausenpass, Andermatt, Chasseral-Vue des Alpes, Lac de Joux.

Hiking maps 1:33 333
New product
Geological Atlas - 3 new map sheets

136 Greina : transitional region between Pennine and Helvetic Facies
137 Alpnach : inventory of the geological conditions in the southwestern region of Lake Lucerne.
162 Travers : inventory of the geology traversing the Jura Mountains of Neuchâtel.
Geological Atlas of Switzerland

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